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Kajal/Kohl is an ancient eye cosmetic, traditionally made by grinding galena (lead sulfide) and other ingredients. It is widely used in South Asia, the Middle East, North Africa, the Horn of Africa, and parts of West Africa to darken the eyelids and as mascara for the eyelashes. 
It is used mostly by women, but also some men and children.

Kajal may also refer to Kohl Liner. Surma refers to Kohl powder.


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Bliss for your eyes “Himalaya Kajal” contains herbal flavor of almond oil, camphor oil, Triphala and Damask Rose. Fresh nourishment of pure almond oil and pampering formula of Damask Rose nurture your youthful eyes. The very effective natural coolant ‘camphor ’soothes them with all its pursuits.

Extra smooth - water proof herbal eye definer

Key Ingredients: 
Almond oil, castor oil, camphor, damask rose, triphala

Almond Oil nourishes the lashes and also acts as an anti-aging agent for the eyelids.

Camphor aids in retaining eye moisture, which helps keep the eyes hydrated.

Castor Oil is an emollient or skin softener. It also acts as a protective barrier between the skin and harsh environmental conditions such as wind, dust and dry air.

Damask Rose is known for its cooling properties, which help overcome eye strain.

Triphala, a herbal concoction of the Indian Gooseberry, Inknut and Beleric Myrobalan fruits, is a well-known eye tonic. Its anti-inflammatory properties help reduce eye redness and swelling.

Directions for use: Apply Kajal along the lash line.


Made in India


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